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Menaphos ~ Runescape’s Much-Needed Golden Update?

Abstract​: Menaphos is an expansion that will bridge the experience gap between low-level and high-level players, thereby ensuring that Jagex keeps a steady player base and allowing for an influx of higher-leveled players.     It’s no secret that plenty of Runescape 3’s player base is composed of higher-leveled, committed members of the community. Runescape’s […]

PvM Perspect Podcast Plans

The Launch of PvM Perspective The first episode of PvM Perspective has come out. The first topic is 120 Slayer and how to get there before Menaphos comes out in the summer. PvM Perspective is a podcast where we will dive into the details of combat in RuneScape. There is a lot to know so […]

OSRS 3 – Zanaris is Beautiful

Old School RuneScape Ladies Night Episode 3: Zanaris is Beautiful Partners in Crime Mandy (rsn: Mandys) Harley (rsn: Harley Q Win) Intro Grab your Bandit Brews everyone because ladies night is about to kick off, with me as always is the Posty Pete to my Fairy Nuff Mandy. What have you been up to in […]

OSRS 2 – Bush Equals PVP Chest

Old School RuneScape Ladies Night Episode 2: Bush Equals PVP Chest Partners in Crime Mandy (rsn: Mandys) Harley (rsn: Harley Q Win) Intro Grab your drinks ladies night is here, and with me is the Poison Ivy to my Harley Quinn Mandy. What have you been up to in RuneScape this week Mandy? Segments QA […]

OSRS 1 – Zacklover48

Old School RuneScape Weekly Ladies Night Episode One: Zacklover48 Intro (hosts joke) Mandy (rsn: Mandys) Harley (rsn: Harley Q Win) We’re back again for ladies night, grab your drinks, and lets get started, with me as always is (joke) Mandy. Segments Open Topics Mandys Runescape History Have You Played…Runescape? Have You Played… Runescape? The Forums […]

Mining & Smithing Proposal

By Pyrnassius MINING AND SMITHING REWORK PROPOSAL With the delay on the mining and smithing rework, this is an opportune time for Jagex to Really develop the skill and bring it into the current game play standards that skillers want to see. While AFK training methods are desirable by some members of the community, true […]

Mining & Smithing Rework Proposal

Jagex have recently given us some information on the Mining and Smithing rework they have planned for later this year. Unfortunately, this will not include increasing the levels for these skills to 120, according to a poll they ran, players do not want it?? (a mistake in my opinion, but nothing we can do about […]

Grand Exchange in Old School

Grand Exchange in Old School If you have read some of my older blog entries, you will notice that my opinion on Old School is not exactly a stunning review.  There are many topics I could talk about which make Old School seem more like an official private server, but I will focus right now […]


BondScape If I didn’t know better, the first thing I would think of when I see this title is of MI6 agent James Bond, and sadly, I wish that were the case.  But alas, unless you’ve been living under a rock or somehow stumbled upon this blog, you’ll know all too well what kind of […]

Quest Point Master Cape

Quest Point Master Cape First of all lovely readers, before you get to the end of this post and think “Who is this intruder?!” it is still I, Dj Shay50, going under the new name Luminos.  I have always been strangely fond of my 11 year old minds brainchild name of Dj Shay50, but now […]