Month: January 2019

  • Runescape Weekly 1/25/19

    Pyrnassius Joins Magebit to talk about Combat Week fixes as well as the General Q&A where Shauny took your questions!

  • Runescape Weekly 1/18/19

    On today's show Pyrnassius and Hana join Magebit for a chat on Mining and Smithing and how it exposed a vital flaw in skilling. We then moved on to talk about how you can shower us in cryptocurrency and much more!

  • Patch Notes & Updates 14th Jan 2019

    Week number two is here and it's a Patch Week! Alright, alright.... give them a break! The mining and smithing update was huge! Let's hear Pyrnassius with this week's updates.

  • Runescape Weekly Podcast 1/11/19

    On today's podcast we had a rousing discussion about the mining and smithing rework and it's impact on the game. r/runescape Subreddit mod and Trimmed Comp player Bladecom joins the show for the first time as well. All this and tons more.

  • Runescape Weekly Podcast 1/6/19

    Today we talk about the Bank Rework being shelved, The Comp Rework being undertaken and the overwhelming success of mobile plus much more!

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