Runescape Weekly Podcast 5/24/19 [The Show Before Time]

You’re listening to Runescape Weekly for May 24th 2019. I’m your host [[Magebit]], with 18 years of Runescape experience. Joining me today:
*[[The Rrman]]
*[[Queen of Blaze]]
*[ Mental Health Article Is Here!]
*Free item is Crowd Surf
==Time Table==
0:08:49,Broadcaster,magebit,Host Intro Begin
0:15:09,Broadcaster,magebit,Show Intro
0:45:11,Broadcaster,magebit,Digsite Update & Wiki Integration
1:05:28,Broadcaster,magebit,Player Support Blog – Upgrading Systems
1:27:39,Broadcaster,magebit,Summer Update Revealed!
1:36:46,Broadcaster,magebit,Why we’re headed toward loot box legislation
2:13:42,Broadcaster,magebit,Runescape and Twitch Prime team up for four months of giveaways
2:19:36,Broadcaster,magebit,Farewell to Mat K
2:21:00,Broadcaster,magebit,TL;DW 435 – General Q&A
2:31:45,Broadcaster,magebit,14 years in the making
2:44:27,Broadcaster,magebit,Revenant Guide 2019
2:48:58,Broadcaster,magebit,Jagex’s Runes Cape Mistake
3:10:10,Broadcaster,magebit,Armor diversity
3:19:43,Broadcaster,magebit,Kingdom Management Finale
3:26:13,Broadcaster,magebit,Goodbye, Runescape
3:37:43,Broadcaster,magebit,Lack of new player focus
3:41:53,Broadcaster,magebit,Genuinely unpopular opinion: Nerf XP Rates
3:59:16,Broadcaster,magebit,Desperate Times is an outstanding quest?
4:02:01,Broadcaster,magebit,Jagex, I dare you to poll it.
4:28:16,Broadcaster,magebit,Zaros is the ***worst*** god since Bandos died.
4:28:18,Broadcaster,magebit,Seren is the ***worst*** god since Bandos died
4:41:57,Broadcaster,magebit,Minigame Start Numbers
4:47:32,Broadcaster,magebit,2.147 billion big chompy kill count
4:48:20,Broadcaster,magebit,MTX RANT
4:52:37,Broadcaster,magebit,How do hacks happen?
5:03:45,Broadcaster,magebit,Lost Item Discussion
*[ Mod Mat K Taps Out]
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