Runescape Weekly Podcast 4/26/19

You’re listening to Runescape Weekly for Apr 26th 2019. I’m your host [[Magebit]], with 17 years of Runescape experience. Joining me today:
*[ Completely Redone! First Article Drops Soon!]
==Time Table==
0:08:25,Broadcaster,magebit,Host Intro Starts
0:12:58,Broadcaster,magebit,Show Begins
0:27:06,Broadcaster,magebit,Chargebow Fix, Portable Vic & Stroopwafels
0:38:17,Broadcaster,magebit,Patch Notes
0:44:16,Broadcaster,magebit,TL;DW 431 – General Q&A – Comp Cape, Ninja updates, etc
0:51:09,Broadcaster,magebit,Different types of Capes
0:57:36,Broadcaster,magebit,Combat Discussions & Proposals
1:02:35,Broadcaster,magebit,Comp Cape Rework Questions
1:17:14,Broadcaster,magebit,General Bank Rework
1:44:44,Broadcaster,magebit,A Returning Players Odyssey
2:06:16,Broadcaster,magebit,Bot Watch Official Thread
2:08:45,Broadcaster,magebit,RS3 Idea
2:13:22,Broadcaster,magebit,Portable Vic Only Lasts an Hour???
2:26:24,Broadcaster,magebit,Shut down RS3
2:33:29,Broadcaster,magebit,End Slant Talk
2:35:22,Broadcaster,magebit,End Cap
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