Runescape Weekly Podcast 4/18/19

You’re listening to Runescape Weekly for Apr 18th 2019. I’m your host [[Magebit]], with 17 years of Runescape experience. Joining me today:
*[[The RRman]]
*[ Completely Redone! More Content Coming!]
==Time Table==
0:10:54,Broadcaster,magebit,Show Intro Starts
0:18:23,Broadcaster,magebit,Intro Ends / Host Talk
0:21:57,Broadcaster,magebit,Guilded Eggstravangza
0:29:36,Broadcaster,magebit,Update Your Origin Client!
1:23:02,Broadcaster,magebit,Divination Discussion
1:26:12,Broadcaster,magebit,Unpopular Opinion: Comp Rework Overkill
1:31:08,Broadcaster,magebit,Skill Pet Title Highscore Project
1:33:01,Broadcaster,magebit,Dead MMOs
1:46:34,Broadcaster,magebit,Will We Ever See Another World Event
1:51:22,Broadcaster,magebit,Customer Support Rants Continue
1:57:30,Broadcaster,magebit,A Sad goodbye
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