Runescape Weekly 9/26/19

You’re listening to Runescape Weekly for September 26th 2019. I’m your host [[Magebit]], with 18 years of Runescape experience. 
Joining me today:
Senior Co Host 
Note Producer 
*[[The RRman]] 
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  • The RRman Note
[x]What Has Mage Been Doing?
[x]Whats Pyrn Been Upto? 
[x]Whats RRman Been Upto?
[x]Listener Questions
[x]Thank You to Our Sustaining Supporter, Ricky A
*[,16,676,66122140 Slayer Collection Log – Missing Monsters]
[]Runescape Confessions Pick Before The Show Starts
Pyrns Pick
Mages Pick
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