Runescape Weekly 9/15/19

You’re listening to Runescape Weekly for September 15th 2019. I’m your host [[Magebit]], with 18 years of Runescape experience. Joining me today:
Senior Co Host 
Note Producer 
*[[The RRman]] 
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[x]How To Make Money In Runescape, Answered Once and For All! *[
  • If you type “/wiki money making guide” the wiki has a really good auto-updated money making guide, people need to see this, its amazing, check it out. Could make for good discussion, some of the skilling stuff isnt really that far off the killing stuff. Can also be split into different methods along the top of the chart.
[x]Iv Been Playing Albion *[]
[x]Whats Pyrn Been Upto? 
[x]Thank You to Our Sustaining Supporters Ricky A, Cass, Dialo
[x]Month Ahead September 
[x]NERF-FEST – Farming Edition
[x]A Update On Weapon Diversity
[x]2019 Annual Survey
  • Open this in an Incognito Browsers Tab so you can go through it again live on the show
[]Jagex listed on UK Parliament’s Gambling List
[]Runescape Confessions Pick Before The Show Starts
Pyrns Pick
Mages Pick
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