Runescape Weekly 6/21/19

You’re listening to Runescape Weekly for June 21st 2019. I’m your host [[Magebit]], with 18 years of Runescape experience. Joining me today:
Thank You to Ricky A, Cass
*[ Mental Health Article Is Here!]
*[ Part One of my PTSD series]
*Interviewed: Pyrn, RRman, Hydra, Ben, Dxthelb, Hana,
*On Deck: Shadow, Ash
==Time Table==
*0:02:45,Broadcaster,magebit,Hectic Intro
*0:26:04,Broadcaster,magebit,MAW enhancers & Actionbar fixes
*0:40:57,Broadcaster,magebit,Top 5 upcoming Android games of 2019
*0:50:09,Broadcaster,magebit,TL;DW 439 – Land out of Time
*1:04:36,Broadcaster,magebit,Bond Grab!
*1:06:41,Broadcaster,magebit,How to pay for membership with just POF.
*1:12:46,Broadcaster,magebit,Gold Titles
*1:14:51,Broadcaster,magebit,A Keybinding Guide
*1:16:28,Broadcaster,magebit,Jagex, you need to make your stance on macroing clear.
*1:25:53,Broadcaster,magebit,To Mod Shauny
*1:30:46,Broadcaster,magebit,Popular RuneScape streamer banned
*1:40:25,Broadcaster,magebit,Are ArcadeSticks allowed?
*1:42:08,Broadcaster,magebit,Wilderness scammers
*1:47:25,Broadcaster,magebit,End Cap
*[ Runescape 3 highly anticipated on android]
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