Runescape Weekly 11/17/19 [Premier Club Rundown & So Much More!]

You’re listening to Runescape Weekly for Oct 17th 2019. I’m your host [[Magebit]], with 18 years of Runescape experience. Joining me today:
Senior Co Host 
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PSA: Free item is Crystal Singer Teleport
Return of Parcels from the Hedge
A new type of Double XP
The Yak Track!
Premier Club is back!
Patch Notes 11/11
TL;DW Monetisation Q&A
TL;DW 462 Herblore Q&A + Monetization followup
Premium Club Question
Runescape Reminders
Gizmo RNG
A fan of expansions
Don’t ask us if you don’t listen
Hack and sinker
Rule Dilemmma
Postmaster: Forward to JMOD
Stop banning my botfarm!
I need to save my co-worker’s life
Requesting stat reset
Ban this scum!
Account sharing is dangerous!
Solitary Banfinement
The sense special occasion
I was robbed!
Cinder cores & Pulse cores
It Finally Happened!
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