PvM Perspect Podcast Plans

The Launch of PvM Perspective

The first episode of PvM Perspective has come out. The first topic is 120 Slayer and how to get there before Menaphos comes out in the summer. PvM Perspective is a podcast where we will dive into the details of combat in RuneScape. There is a lot to know so we hope to be able to break it all down for you, and give you guides that can be used now or in the future when you get to the content we are covering.

With PvM Perspective we are also Running a fundraiser to help with the production of the show. Below is an outline what we are trying to raise money for, and the rewards that will be unlocked as we go along that path.

Main Goal   

$150 for laptop

$40 for charger

$20 for shipping

Stretch Goal

$50 for SSD



Goal Unlocks

$0 Ninety Day Biweekly Show Release

$50 Harley Streams a Quest

$100 Harley Streams two Quests

$150 Biweekly PvM Perspective for two season (6 Months)

$210 Weekly RuneScape Stream from Harley for 6 months (Internet Stability Permitting)

$260 Weekly PvM Perspective for two season (6 Months)*

*If final goal is reached quickly there will be a few weeks lead time in getting the show to be Weekly.

I hope you all enjoy listening to the show as much as David and I are enjoying making it, and thank you so much to all those who already have donated, or plan to donate in the future.



You can fund PvM Perspect Podcast @ http://tip.runeweek.com

Posted on: March 31, 2017, by : magebit