Mining & Smithing Proposal

By Pyrnassius


minesmithWith the delay on the mining and smithing rework, this is an opportune time for Jagex to Really develop the skill and bring it into the current game play standards that skillers want to see. While AFK training methods are desirable by some members of the community, true skillers want to see an update that they can interact with and enjoy by creating items that are useful for more than just levelling up. It is also a great time to revisit moving these skills into an elite mastery level by increasing them to a true 120 rather than just a virtual one.

AFK training methods are already available and more than adequate for those players wishing to gain their levels that way, with Seren stones, corrupt ore, and to a degree, the Artisans workshop. What I propose is that the majority of the rework be focussed on new training areas and items that are not AFKable and bring not only some usefulness into the skills, but also a sense of accomplishment for the skillers.


In the first Q&A stream by Jagex regarding the M&S rework, Mod Raven proposed as “something for the future” an idea he called mine shafts. I believe this should actually be the central focus of the rework. Move away from the afk training and give the skilling community an update they really get involved in. The new ores that have been discussed should be discoverable only in these dangerous mine shafts, that have a chance of caving in and trapping the miner. The miner should be taking a risk of heavy damage and even death to collect these ores. Pit falls, rock slides, debris collapsing and cutting off access and escape should be a risk that miners take. Rock Golems should be a creature that can come out of tunnels and crevices around the miner and attack him/her. These can only be repelled by fighting against them with pickaxes and give no combat xp, only extra mining xp.

With these dangers in mind, miners will need to either make or purchase new degradable mining armour to help protect themselves in these shafts to lessen the damage received from falling rocks and golems. The rock golems can insta-kill a miner not wearing protective gear and do heavy damage to the armour when they attack. One idea is that the armour will degrade at 3x its normal degrade time when fighting the golems, however the golems do have a rare chance of dropping a concentrated ore that can be smithed into an attachment for high-level pvm gear, which I will discuss in more detail later in this article.


A new runite mining armour should be introduced to begin mining shaft exploration. This would allow for rune to stay semi-relevant while the new ores are discovered and introduced. To learn to make this, players would need to prove their skill ( I would suggest a minimum of 65 smithing) to a Master Craftsman dwarf in Keldagrim, or perhaps the Artisans workshop. Once a player has proven their skill, the dwarf will give them the blueprints to create mining armour and at this stage can create the runite mining armour. Depending on the level of the smither, this will have a chance of failing and destroying the bar in a similar fashion that lower level cooking has a chance to burn the fish, until level 78, where runite will no longer fail. At level 75, Orikalk armour can now be made, then 82 for Necrite, 90 for Invictum and 96 for Aetherium, all having levels of failure that lessen as your smithing level rises.

The armour created for mining will have a degrade mechanic similar to combat armour, in that it wears down slowly as it used. However, when caught in a rock fall, it will lose 3% per game tick until the player moves out from the affected area. In a cave-in, the armour will lose 10%, plus a 2x multiplier on normal degrade until they dig themselves out of the cave-in. When fighting Rock Golems, the armour will degrade at 3x normal. The most important piece of this armour will be the helmet, which will need a some sort of lighting mechanism added to it. This could come from invention, or require coal to be ground and mixed with some type of phosphorescent gained from the dwarven mastersmither or a dwarven master miner. My thoughts are that there should be two types of armour; A light one, in which the player will take more damage, but hit more accurately, and a heavy one, whereby, less damage will be taken at a cost of accuracy. These armours will degrade to a broken state, after which they can be repaired by the dwarven mastersmith (found in either Keldagrim or the Artisans workshop) for a cost of ore and coal, thus giving coal some relevancy in the rework.


In addition to the new ores Jagex spoke about, I would propose that the player have a very rare chance while mining and a rare chance while fighting rock golems of receiving a concentrated ore. This ore can only be smithed in a metalwork foundry in Keldagrim. The foundry requires the player to fill it with coal and operate a bellows to keep the heat regulated. If the player lets it get too hot or cool down too much, then the concentrated bar fails, but is not destroyed. The player will need to add 2 standard ores of the metal required to continue (i.e. concentrated Aetherium fails, then 2 standard Aetherium ores will be required to continue).

These concentrated bars can then be smithed into attachments that can be mounted to high level armour and weapons. Concentrated necrite ore can make additions to tier 70-79 armour and weapons, Invictum to level 80-89 armour and weapons, and Aetherium to level 90+ armour and weapons. Some of these could be to add extra defense or accuracy. In the case of defenders, it could give increased shield abiliteis or attack abilities. As it stands, when using a defender it does 50% of what an off-hand weapon or shield does. With one of these add-ons, it increases that to 75%.

There is a vast array of playable content that could be added with this update for skillers on the whole without affecting those who wish to continue with afking the skills. Also, one of the main complaints from the proposed M&S rework came from the pvm community, complaining that they would lose money with rune items being lowered in value. An easy fix for this would be to increase or replace certain drops with dragon items. These are non-smithable by the players and therefore can maintain their alch value, thus giving the pvmers the money they are complaining they will be losing by rune item alch values lowering, although, there is too much gp coming into the game via this method anyway!


The Jagex developers have a great opportunity here to really bring skilling back from just being a Max cape requirement here. With luck and some foresight on the future of where the game is headed, whether they want to be just another MMO with all combat as the end-game goal, or they want to stay original and have a truly diverse game with a full array of content for both pvmers and skillers alike, this is the time for them to really step forward and bring the players the update they really want. It is time to stop listening to the vocal minority and start to observe what the silent majority want to see.

Hopefully this delayed update will bring the next generation of skilling updates to the forefront and truly give the players something to look forward to as the game enters the next 15 years of it’s life!

Posted on: September 5, 2016, by : magebit