If I didn’t know better, the first thing I would think of when I see this title is of MI6 agent James Bond, and sadly, I wish that were the case.  But alas, unless you’ve been living under a rock or somehow stumbled upon this blog, you’ll know all too well what kind of bonds I’m talking about.

Now, those of you who listen to the podcast often, will think “Wait, hasn’t this dude won like three bonds? What a hypocrite.”  And yes, you would be correct in noticing I have won three bonds through the weekly contest.  Of course, everybody loves easy money right?  But my problem is through the way people obtain these bonds.  The bond system Magebit uses to promote his podcast and give out as a reward I’m completely fine with.  It’s his way of making money through the podcast which he puts a lot of hard time and effort into.  As was mentioned by another player, he spends more time on the podcasts nowadays than actually playing the game.  He then gives back to his listeners with in game money out of his own coin pouch to reward his faithful listeners and bring new listeners in.

So why can’t Jagex do this you ask?  You may think my argument is a little weak, but I truly think there is a big difference between a huge company with many ways to make money that doesn’t effect the game, compared to a single man who is basically working a second job to give people such as myself the chance to listen about a game I love.  Jagex meanwhile have a huge player base and following to be able to make money other ways.  They have started to do this, such as selling God Caps (even if the prices are a little extortionate) and the advertising on F2P, which did come about before bonds.  But the fact that players can just toss their real life money into the game to get many buyable skills out of the way as fast as possible frustrates me.

Think of all the people who got their expensive 99’s such as herblore, crafting, smithing etc. before bonds came out?  They spent a lot of time into making the money for these skills, then blowing it all on the materials they need.  Now, some rich snob can log on, toss a couple of dozen dollars/pounds into the game, and automatically have the money for a 99.  That would seriously frustrate me.  It already does I don’t even have any expensive 99’s.

But what about real world trading? It’s all fine and good thinking bonds defeated RWT, but it really didn’t!  Instead, we are now RWT’ing with Jagex themselves!  Instead of giving our money away to someone who has at least worked for their money to sell it off, we’re just putting money straight into Runescapes coffers and they’re injecting money into the game.  This injection of money means more people will have more money, effecting the market, inflating prices as people realise others will pay more money for a certain item simply because they can buy a bond and have insta-cash.  Ok cool, Jagex is gaining money to put back into the game through updates, but like I said, there are other ways of making money that aren’t so gamebreaking.  As aforementioned, RWT has not stopped, if anything Jagex has made it worse by pumping money into the game, instead of earned money just switching hands between players for some real life cash.

But we all know Jagex won’t stop.  Heck, they even added bonds into Old-School, Jagex’s official private-server; what could have been a great game turned into a joke. But as for my official opinion, yes I’m OK with receiving free bonds, even if it may seem a little hypocritical, but only because it helps a small “company” such as Runescape Weekly.  But I would never, ever, use my own money to give myself an unfair advantage in the game and just hand my money over to Jagex for an easy way out of obtaining money.

The show must go on,


Posted on: August 25, 2015, by : magebit