Quest Point Master Cape

Quest Point Master Cape


First of all lovely readers, before you get to the end of this post and think “Who is this intruder?!” it is still I, Dj Shay50, going under the new name Luminos.  I have always been strangely fond of my 11 year old minds brainchild name of Dj Shay50, but now that I am breaching out a bit more to the Runescape community, I decided to go with a cooler name.  That’s what landed me with the name Luminos.

Anyways, back to the matter at hand.  It became apparent to me the other day that Jagex are planning on the release of the Quest point master cape.  Being a quest point cape owner and lore aficionado myself, I was rather intrigued by this interesting sounding cape.  With a little research, I, of course, ended up at Runewiki, on a page aptly named “Quest point master cape”.  Here I came across the requirements and levels needed to wear what I am sure will be a truly masterful cape.

Before I start explaining some of the requirements and my opinions on them for the cape, those of you with a completionist cape, there is no need to worry.  The quest point master cape is basically a completionist cape that only focuses on the quests and lore of the game.  I have been told by several people that completionists automatically qualify for the cape.  For those who don’t have a completionist cape(such as myself), do not worry, for the road may be tough, but it is doable.

Firstly, you don’t need all 99’s which is already a huge difference from the completionist cape.  Although it is true that at least level 90 at least in needed in all skills, with some of the more outstanding requirements being 95 mining and 117 dungeoneering.  The extremely high dungeoneering level is due to the requirement of the player needing to complete all the journals, such as the Kal’Gerion notes.  I’m sure this will depress many of you *looks at Magebit*.


But not only does this cape make us complete the lore books of some of the more well known stories in Gielinor, it exposes us to some of the lesser known stories, such as The Account of Aesa Fellsdotir, or simply freeing the rogue from the rogues den.

Personally I am very excited about this update, and it gives me something to work towards after I finish Taskmaster.  I hope this blog helps raise the awareness to some people of this cape, and perhaps lets you start completing the goals for it before the general public knows.  For more information, like me, just search Quest point master cape on the Runescape Wiki.

The show must go on,


Posted on: August 20, 2015, by : magebit