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Has RuneLabs “ruined”, or I guess a better word is diminished, the game we love over the last year?  I remember the eager anticipation leading up to the release of RuneLabs.  We could finally put all of our ideas into one area, and have other players actually vote on them and get them into the game! I wonder what new ideas everyone will come up with! … Well that’s one of the problems I will discuss.  I know this topic has already been touched upon in the podcast a couple of times, but I would like to put it down in writing.

Jagex is still reaching out to the players, giving them more power.  We all know many game companies have little to no communication with their player base, which leads to the players just going with the flow.  The thing is though, this causes little to no trouble.  While Jagex have managed to allow themselves to submit too much power to the players.  Many years ago, when Jagex made the choices for the players, everybody just accepted it, and although people could take to the forums to complain, there was rarely any problems (bar such incidents such as the riots in Falador many years ago).  Nowadays, the player base feels entitled to oversee upon every decision Jagex makes, and to criticize them greatly on it.  We’ve become spoiled, thinking that everything in the game has to be approved by the players, and when it is approved, people still complain.

As for the content of the updates through RuneLabs, most ideas are extremely over powered, or based at end-game players.  Yes I agree that most of the player base are maxed out or high-leveled at least, but that doesn’t stop us from giving something to the newer players or the people who start new accounts (and don’t just no-life power level their way back to the top).  How about a new minigame that can involve players of all combat and skill levels, putting everyone on an equal playing field, whether they be maxed, or 1000 total level?

Next up, the functionality of RuneLabs is very askew.  Jagex have made attempts to improve this, but we still have the problem of our ideas being buried in the giant mound of sh*t, such as “Delete EoC” or “Make levels insta-buyable with real money.”  For example, my blog from last week, Edgeville Restoration, was buried almost instantly for what I think is at least a half-decent idea.  If you’re not a popular user who doesn’t get your idea liked by many people in a short amount of time as soon as the new voting cycle begins, you don’t stand a chance.

Coming off that point, we have the problem that most new ideas, at least the big ones, are just ideas already mentioned by Jagex, being pushed to the forefront of their plans.  Again, this has already been mentioned in the podcast, but it’s just another major flaw with RuneLabs.  Jagex know what is best for the game, when to bring it out etc.  Before RuneLabs, they had their plans, knew what they were doing, and released it when they were ready.

It says a lot when Jagex themselves poll on whether RuneLabs should be ditched. In my personal opinion, as you can tell, I think Jagex should get rid of Runelabs.  They should stick with the polls though.  This way, they come up with the best ideas for the game, and the community still gets to see what sort of stuff is coming into the game and can vote on it, but not have too much power over it.

Your friendly neighbourhood noob,

Dj Shay50

Posted on: August 13, 2015, by : magebit