Edgeville Restoration

Edgeville Restoration


Before you read ahead, let me warn you… SPOILER ALERT. Anybody who has yet to finish Ritual of the Mahjarrat and does not want to know the ending, STOP READING NOW.

Now that is out of the way, for those of you who have completed Ritual of the Mahjarrat, you will know, or I will remind you, that Edgeville was burnt down by the Dragonkin in their fury after killing the False User Lucien. Almost 4 years later, Northern Edgeville is still a smouldering wreck, with burnt down buildings and trees. Meanwhile, down South, Lumbridge has been destroyed by a mighty God battle and then built back up even stronger. So what about poor Edgeville?

Not so much anymore, but before Prifddinas, many people would be seen running through Edgeville, from the lodestone to the Grand Exchange. But even with Prifddinas, there are still people who travel through the small village to the GE, or prepare themselves for adventures into the Wilderness or to the Abyss.

This led me to thinking, what if a similar event occurred for Edgeville, but in the form of a mini-quest, instead of a mini world event. The mini-quest would only be available once the player has completed ROTM. It involves the tearing down of the damaged buildings and scenery in Edgeville and building it back up, instanced for each player depending on how far they have gotten.

For example, as for the trees, the player could plant new trees all the way from normal trees up to magic trees, as long as they have the required farming level. Or with the building North of the bank, the player can use different types of wood and nails, or perhaps even gold leaves, to make the building look more decorative. It could serve a purpose, such as a new high level store for supplies heading into the wilderness etc.

Lastly, just like the monument in Lumbridge, Lucien’s old house could be torn down and a monument can be built in its place for all the lives lost through Lucien’s madness and the Dragonkin’s rage. Again, depending on the players construction and perhaps crafting/smithing level, the appearance of the statue could scale with your levels and the materials you use. Once again, it could serve a purpose, such as an alter that gives you 10-20 extra prayer points when prayed at.

Let’s not forget about poor old Edgeville, even if it is so close to the Wilderness. Perhaps one day the restoration shall occur.

Your friendly neighborhood noob,

Dj Shay50

Posted on: August 9, 2015, by : magebit