Living in the age of XP Waste

    Living in the Sixth (XP Waste)-Age


Why socialize when you can get that extra inventory of ore per hour? Why play mini-games with your clan mates when you could be fishing instead?

This is the community we live in nowadays.  A community were the only goal of the game is to get the most xp possible per hour and to complete the game as fast as possible?  Don’t worry about enjoying the game, no, just as long as you break into the top 100 for the seasonal highscores nothing else matters.  Having started playing the game in approximately 2006, with only a years sabbatical around 2010, I’ve watched the transformation of the player base before my very eyes.

I remember the days when I would teleport to Camelot, or walk below White Wolf Mountain (yes walk, remember the days before lodestones?), to arrive at Catherby, where I could not only pick up a small fishing net and fish, but I could also pick up a conversation with the many other people fishing there.  At Karamja dock, where people would create fires for gp, or when somebody asks “fishing lvl” and 20 people would respond, ranging from level 40 up to level 85 etc.  Nowadays, people are too busy to converse, because that of course would mean 2,453xp less per hour, to be exact.  And the few people that do respond are just trying to outdo each other.  It’s pretty sad actually.

What I’m trying to say is, the RS community really needs to take a look at itself, and then look around at their virtual surroundings (because who needs to look at their actual surroundings, am i right?).  Take in the game we all love and enjoy, and take the time to talk to those around you, bring back the social aspect of the game, and most importantly, make the game fun, not just a grindfest.


Your friendly neighborhood noob,

Dj Shay50  

Posted on: July 20, 2015, by : magebit