Month: September 2016

Mining & Smithing Proposal

By Pyrnassius


minesmithWith the delay on the mining and smithing rework, this is an opportune time for Jagex to Really develop the skill and bring it into the current game play standards that skillers want to see. While AFK training methods are desirable by some members of the community, true skillers want to see an update that they can interact with and enjoy by creating items that are useful for more than just levelling up. It is also a great time to revisit moving these skills into an elite mastery level by increasing them to a true 120 rather than just a virtual one.

AFK training methods are already available and more than adequate for those players wishing to gain their levels that way, with Seren stones, corrupt ore, and to a degree, the Artisans workshop. What I propose is that the majority of the rework be focussed on new training areas and items that are not AFKable and bring not only some usefulness into the skills, but also a sense of accomplishment for the skillers. Continue reading