Month: September 2015

Grand Exchange in Old School

Grand Exchange in Old School

If you have read some of my older blog entries, you will notice that my opinion on Old School is not exactly a stunning review.  There are many topics I could talk about which make Old School seem more like an official private server, but I will focus right now on the inclusion of the Grand Exchange.

On 26th February 2015, 7 years and 4 months after its inclusion in the main game, 26th november 2007, the Grand Exchange was released on Runescape Old School.  I remember it well, because just a few weeks earlier, a friend and I had decided to start up Ironmen on Old School as a new and fun challenge.  We thought this would be more fun than an RS3 ironman because we figured the community would still be very social on Old School.  With there being no GE, players either had to buy supplies off the streets, or of course, obtain them themselves.  Being ironmen, we of course had to gather all of our supplies ourselves.  But at least there would be many players training alongside us, ironmen or not, because that’s how it was before the Grand Exchange.


But then it happened.  On 26th February 2015, Old School Runescape became Runescape 3 minus EOC with crappier graphics.  For me, the defining feature of Old School wasn’t the old graphics, or the lack of action bars; it was the lack of the Grand Exchange.  Instead, there was just a beautiful mass of land sitting West of Varrock Castle, untouched by the Wilderness.  On 26th February 2015, Old School threw away its defining feature.

As touched upon on my first blog, my nostalgic memories of Runescape was a Runescape where I had actually had to interact with someone if I wanted some raw fish, or I would join dozens of other people fishing in Catherby.  This is what drawn me into Old School.  Alas, even though my old school career was not the longest, it was sweet for a short while, and I will cherish those two weeks of nostalgia for quite some time.


Sorry lovely readers for my short absence and this not being the longest blog, I have had a busy week, but I promise I shall make up for it!

The show must go on,