Month: July 2015

From Lumbridge with Love

  From Lumbridge with Love

Many of us look fondly on our early years of Runescape, back when we had less worries in life.  Back when the most pressing issue was that math quiz you’re going to study for the class before it happens.  We’d rather spend our time musing over our plans for how we’re going to defeat Elvarg, or the long road to getting into the crafting guild.

Yet a couple of years ago, we logged into Old School Runescape, and yes, many people did find it fun and stuck with it, there is no denying the old school game and community is flourishing.  Yet there are many people like myself, who think that the main game is so much better.  After some pondering, I’ve come to the conclusion that is wasn’t the game you cherished (at least not 100%), but we also cherished that period of our lives, both in game and out.


Firstly, look back at your life when you first started playing Runescape.  Perhaps you were already an adult, leading your own life; or perhaps, like myself, you were a pre-teen, breaking the 13+ to play rule. Not for all of us, but for a lot of us life was probably a lot more simple back then.  We could get home after a what we considered long day, jump on the old computer, and absorb ourselves in Runescape all night.


Secondly, remember how you felt when you first started playing.  Everything was a mystery.  But that was OK, because there was a healthy flow of new players back then; you weren’t alone.  After baking your first bread, to running into the mighty Vannaka and killing a scorpion all by yourself, just to name a few tasks, you were dumped into Lumbridge Courtyard, without a hint on what to do.

There are people everywhere, shouting all sorts of random stuff you don’t understand.  All these different levels, what do they mean?  You manage to get the attention of someone who’s level is in red, and ask them where you are.  Because of the way things were back then, they would take up their time and tell you where you where, and point you in the right direction.  Perhaps it was to the Lumbridge cook for Runescape’s “easiest” quest, Cook’s Assistant.  Or maybe to Lumbridge Graveyard, for The Restless Ghost.

From there, you began to explore outwards, exploring more and more land, gaining more and more knowledge.  But then you came across these mysterious places you can’t pass, such as Shantay Pass or those big gates north of Falador.  You ask about and find out these are members areas.  Eventually, or maybe straight away, you buy your first membership.  Remember that first step past the gate to Brimhaven, or when you passed the gates to Taverley, ran over White Wolf Mountain, and entered the Kingdom of Kandarin.


Time passed, you grew stronger and mightier, knowing more and more of the land.  You conquered mightier beasts, completed harder quests, and perhaps got a 99 or two along the way.  And here we are. Lore hounds, beast vanquishers, mini-game masters.


And that’s our problem nowadays.  We know everything about the game, from the big to the small.  The mystery no longer belongs in the game.  Sometimes we get that feeling once more, such as Mazcab, or Prifddinas.  But we will never get that feeling back again, the feeling of adventure, of exploring something new.


Your friendly neighbourhood noob,

Dj Shay50

The Poor Man’s World

  Living in a Poor Mans World

It is not uncommon nowadays for most high level players to be walking around with several hundred million gold stuffed into their gold pouch.  I even know a guy who has several hundred million empty pouches sitting in his bank because his gold pouch couldn’t hold anymore money.  These are the type of people who can comfortably say “Yeah, I spent 400mil getting 99 construction, but I’ll just make it back flipping items in a week or two.” And good on them, because they’ve gathered their wealth, whether it be through hard work, or luck, or a mixture of both.

On the opposite side of the scale, there are people like me, who don’t know what it is like to have a three digit number followed by a “M” in their money pouch.  This is coming from personal experience, having never had more than about 25-30 million gold at a time.

Being this kind of person can really get you stuck into a rut.  Yes, we’re told repeatedly “go to QBD” or “Try Araxxor”.  And I know that we’d all love to be able to go to those bosses, but to be successful you need pretty good armor and weapons.  And well, for good armor and weapons, you need money.  And anything above tier 75 power armour (Bandos, Armadyl and Subjugation), costs many millions of gold for a full set.  So then what? Skill? Maybe in 2008, when yew and magic logs were good money, but with the ridiculous prices of many items these days, the only effective way of making money is through pvm.

So we’re stuck in this vicious circle, where we can’t pvm effectively or efficiently, and skilling takes an extremely long time, which a lot of people don’t have the time or patience for, including myself.  The happy medium in my opinion would have to be slaying and keeping a slayer tab over a long period of time.  For example, just last night I completed an Aviansie task of 125 kills in just under an hour and made about 300k.  Yes it’s not the best money, but it’s the best we can do at the moment in our situation.

Don’t see this as a rant, but more of an explanation, were “poor” people can relate, and rich people can understand.  So next time you walk past that level 130 in full Bandos and Korasi & Jessika’s Sword duel wield (which would coincidentally probably be me), please don’t look down upon me, but just think that I’m a little less fortunate and in a sticky situation.

Your friendly neighborhood noob,
Dj Shay50

Living in the age of XP Waste

    Living in the Sixth (XP Waste)-Age


Why socialize when you can get that extra inventory of ore per hour? Why play mini-games with your clan mates when you could be fishing instead?

This is the community we live in nowadays.  A community were the only goal of the game is to get the most xp possible per hour and to complete the game as fast as possible?  Don’t worry about enjoying the game, no, just as long as you break into the top 100 for the seasonal highscores nothing else matters.  Having started playing the game in approximately 2006, with only a years sabbatical around 2010, I’ve watched the transformation of the player base before my very eyes.

I remember the days when I would teleport to Camelot, or walk below White Wolf Mountain (yes walk, remember the days before lodestones?), to arrive at Catherby, where I could not only pick up a small fishing net and fish, but I could also pick up a conversation with the many other people fishing there.  At Karamja dock, where people would create fires for gp, or when somebody asks “fishing lvl” and 20 people would respond, ranging from level 40 up to level 85 etc.  Nowadays, people are too busy to converse, because that of course would mean 2,453xp less per hour, to be exact.  And the few people that do respond are just trying to outdo each other.  It’s pretty sad actually.

What I’m trying to say is, the RS community really needs to take a look at itself, and then look around at their virtual surroundings (because who needs to look at their actual surroundings, am i right?).  Take in the game we all love and enjoy, and take the time to talk to those around you, bring back the social aspect of the game, and most importantly, make the game fun, not just a grindfest.


Your friendly neighborhood noob,

Dj Shay50