Menaphos ~ Runescape’s Much-Needed Golden Update?

Abstract​: Menaphos is an expansion that will bridge the experience gap between

low-level and high-level players, thereby ensuring that Jagex keeps a steady player

base and allowing for an influx of higher-leveled players.



It’s no secret that plenty of Runescape 3’s player base is composed of higher-leveled,

committed members of the community. Runescape’s greatest strength is its ability to

draw players in and keep them coming, even after long breaks. The MMO is simply one

of the easiest games to access and get back into, seeing as there is little downloading

to sit through and plenty of content to see every time one logs back in. Jagex has

placed itself in a comfy spot when it comes to ensuring that, whoever they have hooked

into the game, stays hooked. With plenty of skills, quests, and content, it’s hard to find

yourself bored…



Unless you have done most of the content already.

The biggest problem with the consistent player base being mostly high-leveled is that

Jagex needs to keep that player base interested with high-level content. Priffddinas was

the first major swing the company made to keep the more experienced players

interested, and it worked fairly well, so they continued to make very tough content; big

bosses, grand quests, the high requirement Arc/Ports section of the game… While all of

this has served to keep high-level players interested, it has failed to “hook in” the lower




Runescape 3 has suffered from a lack of newer players sticking to the game and

reaching those high levels. It takes an enormous amount of time for a player to start in

Burthrope/Taverly and then make their way to the grand city of Priffdinas. Two years

ago, when I made my account, I became obsessed with the idea of reaching that

beautiful, high-level city… And I only completed that goal about eight months ago. The

amount of time that it takes, even with dedication and knowledge, to get to the

high-level content is just insane. Granted, many players argue that this is part of the

appeal of the game, giving us players such a grand and time-consuming challenge to

overcome!… But that mindset doesn’t help the issue of getting new players into the

game, and getting them to stay.



New players see the huge questline and 75’s set before them in their quest to

Priffddinas, and many will give up part-way through. Even with such a wonderful,

tantalizing reward at the end, players that only have level 50 skills and don’t have an

interest in siting in their chairs, mindlessly clicking those ore rocks for experience gains,

will ultimately fail to reach the end of the rainbow. I am by no means saying that the

requirements for Priff or any other high-level content are too high; but I am saying that

the time required to get to great new content for new players is too long, and that

without content for the lower levels, Runescape 3’s community won’t be able to grow.


Luckily, Jagex has a solution: Menaphos.


A player starts in free to play, with level 1 skills and little knowledge of what they’re

doing. They learn how to train their skills, grow stronger, make their own equipment,

and make a name for themselves in quests… But then they hear mumblings of higher

content. Lots of bosses and quests and locales for much higher levels are mentioned by

the people sitting around the Grand Exchange with this new player. The new player

finds interest, but without a checkpoint, a place where they can assess their abilities and

feel as though they have truly accomplished something before reaching their higher

goals, they run the risk of losing interest.



Menaphos is that ‘checkpoint’. Advertized as a mid-level city with a Grand Exchange,

level 50 skilling spots, and plenty to do, Menaphos is the absolute perfect idea to tide

new players over so that they will reach the higher, more interesting content of the

game. The fact that it has such a low barrier of entry (two beginner’s quests) is even

better, as it can tempt free-to-play players into getting a membership and “testing the

waters” after giving the game a shot and perhaps getting one of their favorite skills near

level 50. Menaphos could even become the ‘new Priffddinas’ for low-level players,

looking forward to the time where they can quest around the Golden City and use its

skilling spots like one of the cooler, higher-level players.



If Jagex has designed the city as beautifully as the trailers suggest, I believe

they’ve already knocked their goals out of the park from a design perspective. For me,

getting to Priffddinas wasn’t just about the skilling plots and convenient GE/Banking

system; it was also about the beauty. I could constantly travel around a beautiful crystal

city, full of lore! I could see beautiful sights, discover tirelessly-detailed skilling hubs, and

talk to a wealth of NPCs! When people talked about Priff, I did my research, and my

research revealed stunning pictures of crystal and sunshine, ones that only furthered

my desire to reach the Elven City.



I believe that this same effect will overwhelm the free-to-plays and the newer players of

the game, giving them further incentive to buy membership or to train further so that

they may access the many things the Golden City has to offer. Afterwards, Priffddinas

will stoke their flames of gaming passion once more, causing them to reach higher and

higher levels, making them more invested in this MMO… And there you have it. The

low-level players are led into our happy (sometimes), honest (sometimes), and

respectable (rarely) community!



All and all, as a mid-to-high-leveled player myself, I am incredibly excited for Menaphos.

Even if it doesn’t end up being for me, I know it will help bring in new members and, with

a bit of work on Jagex’s part, I’m sure it will also help nurture mid-level players into

becoming higher-level players that can play active parts in our community.

Thank you for reading,




PvM Perspect Podcast Plans

The Launch of PvM Perspective

The first episode of PvM Perspective has come out. The first topic is 120 Slayer and how to get there before Menaphos comes out in the summer. PvM Perspective is a podcast where we will dive into the details of combat in RuneScape. There is a lot to know so we hope to be able to break it all down for you, and give you guides that can be used now or in the future when you get to the content we are covering.

With PvM Perspective we are also Running a fundraiser to help with the production of the show. Below is an outline what we are trying to raise money for, and the rewards that will be unlocked as we go along that path.

Main Goal   

$150 for laptop

$40 for charger

$20 for shipping

Stretch Goal

$50 for SSD



Goal Unlocks

$0 Ninety Day Biweekly Show Release

$50 Harley Streams a Quest

$100 Harley Streams two Quests

$150 Biweekly PvM Perspective for two season (6 Months)

$210 Weekly RuneScape Stream from Harley for 6 months (Internet Stability Permitting)

$260 Weekly PvM Perspective for two season (6 Months)*

*If final goal is reached quickly there will be a few weeks lead time in getting the show to be Weekly.

I hope you all enjoy listening to the show as much as David and I are enjoying making it, and thank you so much to all those who already have donated, or plan to donate in the future.



You can fund PvM Perspect Podcast @ http://tip.runeweek.com

The Poor Man’s World

  Living in a Poor Mans World

It is not uncommon nowadays for most high level players to be walking around with several hundred million gold stuffed into their gold pouch.  I even know a guy who has several hundred million empty pouches sitting in his bank because his gold pouch couldn’t hold anymore money.  These are the type of people who can comfortably say “Yeah, I spent 400mil getting 99 construction, but I’ll just make it back flipping items in a week or two.” And good on them, because they’ve gathered their wealth, whether it be through hard work, or luck, or a mixture of both.

On the opposite side of the scale, there are people like me, who don’t know what it is like to have a three digit number followed by a “M” in their money pouch.  This is coming from personal experience, having never had more than about 25-30 million gold at a time.

Being this kind of person can really get you stuck into a rut.  Yes, we’re told repeatedly “go to QBD” or “Try Araxxor”.  And I know that we’d all love to be able to go to those bosses, but to be successful you need pretty good armor and weapons.  And well, for good armor and weapons, you need money.  And anything above tier 75 power armour (Bandos, Armadyl and Subjugation), costs many millions of gold for a full set.  So then what? Skill? Maybe in 2008, when yew and magic logs were good money, but with the ridiculous prices of many items these days, the only effective way of making money is through pvm.

So we’re stuck in this vicious circle, where we can’t pvm effectively or efficiently, and skilling takes an extremely long time, which a lot of people don’t have the time or patience for, including myself.  The happy medium in my opinion would have to be slaying and keeping a slayer tab over a long period of time.  For example, just last night I completed an Aviansie task of 125 kills in just under an hour and made about 300k.  Yes it’s not the best money, but it’s the best we can do at the moment in our situation.

Don’t see this as a rant, but more of an explanation, were “poor” people can relate, and rich people can understand.  So next time you walk past that level 130 in full Bandos and Korasi & Jessika’s Sword duel wield (which would coincidentally probably be me), please don’t look down upon me, but just think that I’m a little less fortunate and in a sticky situation.

Your friendly neighborhood noob,
Dj Shay50

Living in the age of XP Waste

    Living in the Sixth (XP Waste)-Age


Why socialize when you can get that extra inventory of ore per hour? Why play mini-games with your clan mates when you could be fishing instead?

This is the community we live in nowadays.  A community were the only goal of the game is to get the most xp possible per hour and to complete the game as fast as possible?  Don’t worry about enjoying the game, no, just as long as you break into the top 100 for the seasonal highscores nothing else matters.  Having started playing the game in approximately 2006, with only a years sabbatical around 2010, I’ve watched the transformation of the player base before my very eyes.

I remember the days when I would teleport to Camelot, or walk below White Wolf Mountain (yes walk, remember the days before lodestones?), to arrive at Catherby, where I could not only pick up a small fishing net and fish, but I could also pick up a conversation with the many other people fishing there.  At Karamja dock, where people would create fires for gp, or when somebody asks “fishing lvl” and 20 people would respond, ranging from level 40 up to level 85 etc.  Nowadays, people are too busy to converse, because that of course would mean 2,453xp less per hour, to be exact.  And the few people that do respond are just trying to outdo each other.  It’s pretty sad actually.

What I’m trying to say is, the RS community really needs to take a look at itself, and then look around at their virtual surroundings (because who needs to look at their actual surroundings, am i right?).  Take in the game we all love and enjoy, and take the time to talk to those around you, bring back the social aspect of the game, and most importantly, make the game fun, not just a grindfest.


Your friendly neighborhood noob,

Dj Shay50