We’re Hiring!

Runescape weekly is now Hiring!


We are looking for:

 Blog/Article Writer – Make your own schedule, submit one article a week

Freelance Article Writer – Submit one article a month

 Article Writer Requirements
  • Strong grasp of the English language [use of proper spelling and grammar]
  • Ability to write either opinion pieces, guides, entertainment, or creative writing
  • Ability to write at least ONE article a week/month for submission to the website

Podcast Co-Host/Guest Host

For availability, see our Schedule. We post times we record in advance. We use this system to allow cohosts to fill out their availability up to 2 months in advance.

 Podcast Co-host Requirements [Must meet ONE of these]

  •  150 Days of Adventurer Log time [pic required]
  • 10 Year Veteran with at least 50 days in adventurer log
  • Maxed or Comp’d
  • 104m in one skill excluding Dungeoneering
  • PMod Status
  • Skill total 2200+

Podcast Co-Host Additional Requirements [You must meet ALL of these]

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Active Runescape Membership
  • Make 2 shows a month for Guest Host / 4 Shows a month for Co-Host
  • Like to debate and can form and articulate opinions well
  • Respond to a short questionaire that will be emailed to you
  • Have Skype and a decent noise suppressing microphone

Informant Status Requirements 

Note: Informant status is one step below guest hosting. Being an Informant allows you to join the show when you can without committing to any scheduling. The restrictions are also a bit more lax, however you must bring at least one unique topic to the show for discussion in order to be on the episode you are requesting to join. Below are the full list of requirements.

  • Bring one interesting talking point that is approved by the host
  • Have an active Runescape Membership
  • Be level 1500+ skill total
  • 18 years of age
  • Like to debate and can form and articulate opinions well
  • Have Skype and a decent noise suppressing microphone
  • Exceptions can be made, email show@runeweek.com with any questions.